Special skills

With 30 years of industrial experience (industry expertise: semiconductors, electronics, photonics/optics, medical technology, mechanical engineering, services), and many professionally set up and successfully implemented projects, we are experts in the following areas:

  • General Management: overall management of international business units with a turnover of up to approx. € 500 million and management of up to approx. 1,250 employees
  • Operations Management: management of production and logistics teams with the planning and implementation of activities to significantly and sustainably increase quality, delivery reliability, productivity
  • International Business Development: planning and implementation of (new) international businesses (focus: Europe, Asia and USA) with significant increases in market share and sales
  • Product Management for high-tech products: planning and implementation of (new) technologies/products/systems and their successful, timely and cost-effective, market launch

If you would like to talk to us about your problem / challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

„Structure follows strategy!“ - Wenn die Struktur nicht der Strategie folgt, ist Ineffizienz das Ergebnis.

[Alfred D. Chandler]

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